Akil Hlioui and Iana Mouravieva

Dancers and teachers of Argentine tango.

Akil Hlioui (Paris, France)

Akil discovered the dance at the age of 10. After a long practice of Latin dances, it is through the music that he discovers Argentine tango in 1998 and become passionate about this dance.
Carried by this inlimited passion, he follows an intense formation and applies in a search of the right movement and the sincere connection. This search has never stopped.

Akil has trained in different styles of Argentine tango with great figures of Argentine tango in Buenos Aires and in Paris. During his numerous stays in Buenos Aires, he perfected his milonguero style with the masters Carlos Perez & Rosa Forte and Fabian Peralta.
He worked the fundamentals of his tango expression with Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frigoli, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli, Pablo Veron and Sebastian Arce.

In parallel with his tango training, Akil trained as a comedian by following the "Jacques Lecoq" school.

Iana Mouravieva (Paris, France)

Iana started dancing very young, at the age of 5 she joined a ballet school. Thanks to the years of classical ballet practice Iana acquires a body experience that will allow her to develop an aesthetic expression whatever the dance practiced.
Iana tries at ballroom dancing, salsa, oriental dance, african dance ...

When she discovers Argentine tango, Iana is immediately seduced by the elegance of this dance and the complicity between the partners which gives rise to an improvisation for two.
Beyond its fascinating visual aspect, Argentine tango allows Iana to see another form of dance based on a reciprocal connection and above all to search for herself through the listening of the partner and the music.
From then, she continues to develop her sensitivity, reactivity and musicality to arrive at a harmonious tango and express her femininity.

Her favorite maestras are Mariana Montes for her elegance and power at the same time, for the technicality of her figures, Virginia Pandolfi for her musicality and adornos, Juana Sepulveda for her flexibility and lightness.

Akil & Iana

Akil and Iana met in 2009 in Paris. A meeting that presented a turning point in their dancers lives.
Two years of intense rehearsals and joint research are followed. They form a regular couple since 2011. Their work is focused on the search for listening and connection in order to create an organic movement.

Thanks to this collaboration, several projects and shows have emerged. In 2013, Akil created the project "Danse La Ville" as part of the "dance-theater" movement, a performance project visible on the web.
Among the shows created: "Milonga para ocho", "The fountain", "The rose", "The three ages of the woman", "Passion", "The emptiness of you chokes me or obsession".

Akil and Iana performed in the following Parisian spaces: The Balajo, The Retro, La casa del tango, Esta noche de luna, Milonga BelTango, Milonga the Artisanale, Abrazo tango ... etc. They presented performances on the stage of the theater of La Madeleine, the Trianon, the theater of the Gymnase Marie-Bell, etc.

Milongas and the ball culture lovers, they organize the regular milongas "La Ruche".